Black Olive Photographic: Blog en-us (C) Black Olive Photographic (Black Olive Photographic) Sat, 06 Feb 2021 20:28:00 GMT Sat, 06 Feb 2021 20:28:00 GMT Black Olive Photographic: Blog 120 38 Commercial Videography :: Iron-A-Way Ironing Centers Behind the scenes of Iron-A-Way commerical video shootBehind the Scenes This latest, and on-going, project for Iron-A-Way has thrown me into the deep end of commercial video production. I have loved every moment of it, but I have been learning on the fly. Prior to this, my experience was wedding cinematography, which is very sequential in nature. I film "A" event, then "B", then "C". With this project however, I filmed "C", then "A", then "B". Due to this non-sequential filming, keeping track of details to ensure the final video edited in "A", 'B", and "C" sequence makes sense and flows together continuously, was a new challenge. It required storyboarding and the development of a shot list. 

Allow me take a moment to introduce Iron-A-Way. Perhaps this is where I should have started. They have designed a line of ironing systems for the home that provides an organized solution that coordinates with any home's decor. Each unit offers a unique combination of convenience and price point. Their fully loaded model offers integrated premium electrical features and an adjustable height swivel board allowing user to find the best ergonomics while ironing. The most economical model strips away all of the premium features and provides a sleek modern method to stow your ironing board and have it available at any moment without the trouble of digging out your board from some closet. Between these two extremes are a slew of models matching everyone's unique need.

This particular project was especially enjoyable because it was the first project that allowed me to team up with my wife. She has quickly discovered just how much work it is to be a model of a commercial project. It's not as much of a cake walk she originally thought of it as. It was great experience and one we are excited to have in our portfolio of experience.

Make sure to check out our Iron-A-Way's pages on Amazon and Wayfair listed below. 

AE-46 OV



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Hoerr Building Group :: Revisited This past summer I was invited back by the home-owner to recapture the exterior or their home when their landscaping was at its prime. I was previously only able to make it out shortly after dusting a snow. The landscaping was not in its prime and the deck furniture was put away for the season. Needless to say, I was excited to have a second opportunity to capture this beautiful home. They didn't have to ask me twice. Plus, it's always fun to get the drone out for projects.

Peoria HomePeoria Home

Peoria HomePeoria Home

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Hoerr Building Group :: Whole Home Remodel Some are impressed by the masterful execution of a new construction imagined from scratch, but for others the artistry of working in harmony with a previous construction's unique features to bring new life to dated spaces is what trips their sense of awe. Seeing the transformed spaces of remodels over the years is so inspiring. Home remodeling is an act of redemption in which a space is reinvented and given knew life for years to come. As I photographed this recent project by Hoerr Building Group the spaces flowed from one to another so seamlessly. Have I mentioned the river view yet? This remodel is all windows! I'm fairly certain you have a beautiful view of the valley from every corner of this home.

default default


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Hoerr Building Group :: Home Addition Hoerr Building Group is knocking it out of the park with it's latest projects! This country estate incorporated the addition of a new 4 stall garage and the conversion of the home owner's previous garage space into a guest suite. The result? phenomenal! The matching of exterior brick and roofing make this addition virtually undetectable. Once you walk inside, the attention to detail speaks for itself. The balance of light, color and the breathing room of the vaulted ceiling make this space incredibly comfortable.

default default




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This is Family Business Special thanks to Joanna & Brett PhotographySpecial thanks to Joanna & Brett Photography Marrying David in January, I have officially joined the “family business!” As a 3rd grade teacher, I love meeting new people and learning new things and this line of work definitely incorporates those two things! I am excited to update you as we continue to grow Black Olive Photographic. Read to the end to find out about our new expansion of the business!

My experience with photography...

...goes back to my childhood. My baby sister was my first model as I dressed her up, posed her, and used my “sophisticated” digital point and shoot. My love for photography grew as I worked to capture the beauty and patterns in nature -from the incredible vast landscapes to the detail of the flowers. As an adult, in addition to teaching, I became involved in a summer foreign exchange program with students from Spain and France. Naturally we all wanted to document our fun summers and I became the designated group photographer.  We even set up a “senior photo shoot,” as that was not apparently a tradition in Spain.

When I started dating David, we were on a hike and I noticed him taking photos of the landscape. I knew he was a photographer, but I didn’t realize his love for beauty in creation and capturing it. We connected in our passion for the outdoors and the numerous recreation opportunities it provided. On one such hike with David, my role with photography reversed and I played the model for a new backpacking gear. Unbeknownst to us, a year later, we would have an opportunity to work together as photographer and model on an official commercial assignment (Watch for another post -- coming soon -- on this commercial project). 


And now...drumroll please!

Some exciting news!! In addition to weddings and commercial assignments we are excited to offer family and high school senior portrait services. Recently we had a blast working with some close friends of ours. We loved capturing the beauty in the trees changing color as well as the amazing sweet faces of these cute kids and their rock star parents.

Family Photo
Apple Photos DocumentHigh School Senior Family Photo I was really excited to add in some fun props like a little wagon and pumpkins, of course! Having grown up in Morton, IL, the pumpkin capital of the world, pumpkins have to be included in all fall pictures! Our friends also brought some props of their own adding a fun personal touch to their photos. Getting kids to laugh and smile is my forte! Taking cues from parents by singing favorite songs, jumping around, throwing balls in the air, making silly faces and occasionally snapping a few pics myself from a different viewpoint is what you’ll find me up to during these fun photographic escapades. David will be stoically snapping away, readjusting the lights and working his photography magic as he composes these precious moments. 

As we head into winter and a new year, we look forward to booking fun winter family sessions, more weddings, holiday gatherings, senior sessions and more! We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Special thanks to Joanna & Brett Photography


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Peoria Spring Home Show :: The booths we're excited about! Feb. 28th through Mar. 1st is the Peoria Spring Home Show. Will you be there? Well, I will, and here's a list of a few booths we're excited to explore. Before I dive into them though it's important to share the important changes I've experienced so far this year.

photo credit: joanna and brett photography© Joanna & Brett Photography A little over a year ago I found an exceptional woman who agreed to marry me and we tied the knot this past January. With this significant life change, we are beginning our very own process of looking for a home together, which is new for both of us. In the process, we will be educating ourselves concerning everything home related including: architectural style, interior decor, maintenance, sustainability, and so much more. I have been connected to the home construction industry for several years already through photography, but this new chapter marks a significant shift in how I will be approaching my work within Black Olive Photographic. We are excited to take you on our inquiry as we dig into more home construction and architecture.

Additionally as we move forward with our business, our architectural journey will equally focus on developing an increased personal competency of this industry to better benefit the businesses who use Black Olive to capture their craftsmanship. I have been attending the Spring Home Show for several years to touch base and catch up with my clients as well as to see my images implemented in their booths. To prepare, I have identified several booths that we're excited to visit. Shall we begin?

Bass & Son Painting & Decorative Concrete (Booth# 1015)

Industrial and heavy-duty working spaces have aways attracted me. My office incorporates heavy mid-century modern "tanker" desks. I expect a lot from my equipment and that is not going to change when comes to my home. The concept of taking a basic concrete floor and transforming it into a strong foundational element of your space's decor, intrigues me.

Home remodel by Hoerr Building GroupHoerr Building GroupBooth 825


Budget Blinds of North Peoria (Booth# 636)

As a photographer, lighting, and the control of it, is paramount.  When it comes to photographing homes, window light is wonderful, but natural sunlight can quickly overpower a room creating harsh shadows and lines that distract from your living space. I am excited to see what Budget Blinds of North Peoria has to offer. Window coverings are such a personal preference, and when we purchase our first home we will likely be in the market. It will be helpful to have an comprehensive idea of what's available as we begin our new home pursuit.


Cool Roofs (Booth# 754)

Have I mentioned that I prefer simple and effective solutions? Steel roofing has recently attracted my attention due to it's durability. It wasn't until recently that I discovered the traditional asphalt look was possible with steel. Combined with the other advertised benefits to steel, I am interested to see how Cool Roof approaches the market and what they have to offer.

Outdoor space by Dan Waibel Designer | BuilderDan Waibel Designer | BuilderBooth 540


Curb-A-Lawn (Booth# 905)

Landscaping is such a critical part to the visual appeal of any home. In the short time browsing home listings, the homes framed with beautiful landscaping quickly catch my attention. Botany is not my thing, but I personally I appreciate a distinguished transition between lawn and flower beds. Due to this, Curb-A-Lawn caught my attention. I've never seen anything quite like them, but their finished product produces a defined transition that's clean and beautiful. I'm excited to learn more about their process.

Farmstead Industries (Booth# 1116)

The draw to Farmstead Industries was their business model. Having an ever changing selection is something that will keep me continually coming back to see the fresh deals they have. They boast a selection of the latest styles, so I'm curious to explore further into their product offering and service. They've peaked my interest!

Murray Custom Cabinetry (Booth# 310)

Wood. I love it. While I am looking forward to seeing the work of the many cabinet companies that will be at the show, Murray caught my attention because I had not heard of them before. However, they have been servicing the Peoria area since 2013. I am looking forward to becoming more acquainted with their approach and design process.

Bathroom by Hoerr Building GroupHoerr Building GroupBooth 825

Plaster Man (Booth# 1300)

At first it was the name, but after digging into his site, I'm all the more intrigued. Providing both repair work across the country as well as training material for future artisans, Robin is keeping himself busy. I know very little about plaster and as Emily and I embark together on our home search in a real-estate market full of wonderful old homes, we're looking forward to receiving a little education on the topic. 

Premier Garden Design (Booth# 739)

As I mentioned above, landscaping is such an important part of any home's appeal and first impression. As we look at the landscaping of homes on the market and consider making improvements of our own, we are motivated to have a better understanding of the possibilities and the corresponding investment. Premier Garden Design conveyed a genuineness in their story that connected with me. 

The Mill, Inc. (Booth# 614)

Every home needs decor. And, the avenue one chooses for their interior decoration is their own. Emily and I personally both enjoy the meshing of the rustic aesthetics of repurposed woods with the robust industrial metal look. We are excited to visit The Mill's booth as we sense their style may be similar. 

To say the least, Emily and I are excited to visit this year's home show together. We are equally thrilled to include you in our journey as we grow Black Olive Photographic and look for our new place to call home.

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Design Insights LLC :: Remodel

(Black Olive Photographic) Architecture Arlington Heights Chicago Design Insights LLC Homes Illinois Interiors real estate Thu, 05 Sep 2019 02:16:45 GMT
Hoerr Building Group :: New Construction

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Drone Photography default

I am proud to say I am legally licensed to operate drone commercial in the U.S. and equally as excited to add a drone to my equipment line-up. Needless to say, I've gotten it around to a few of my favorite places. 

default default

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2018 Road Trip :: Personal Project Recently returned from a two week road trip through the heart of the United States: Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. While this trip was principally a recreational exercise, I didn't forget to document the adventure. In doing so, experimented and stretch myself making myself a better photographer and videographer. While I hadn't originally intended on sharing this publicly,  with it all said and done, I'm eager to share it with you. A humble glimpse inside my life.






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Barn // Home Conversion: Hoerr Building Group Hoerr Building Group brought us inside one of their recent projects. A true work of art. Utillizing the core structure of an old midwestern livestock barn they created a wonderful unique living space overlook the Mississippi River. There is a ton of expert craftsmanship on display within this home. I hope you enjoy this series as much I enjoy capturing it.

Hoerr Building GroupHoerr Building Group

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Time: Product Photography Photographing this series of timepieces has been a fun exercise to advance me further in the world of commercial photography. There are things I would change about each photo, but they have each presented unique hurdles that have challenged my ability to adapt on demand. All photos were shot in my living room with a two strobe configuration. One strobe was modified with a homemade "softbox" which consists of an 11x14" mailing envelope filled with foil on one size. The other light was bare bones SB-600. I hope you enjoy the series.

SinobiThe complimentary film reel and canister were specifically selected to bring out the blue accents of the watch. Naviforce

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Whole Home Remodel - Design Insights Inc Design Insights Inc has outdone themselves again with a wonderful entire home remodel. I had the opportunity to glance at a few before and progress photos that Jereme shared with me and this house was practically torn down and rebuilt. I hope you enjoy virtually walking through it as I did capturing it all.

An open floor plan and simplistic navigation from room to room. So much daylight floods insides and bouncing around and filling every corner.

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The Way Down Wanderers I've been in touch with Collin Krause for several years now. If you don't know, he's the mandolin (among other instruments) player within the group. The Way Down Wanderers have an incredible folk sound that doesn't quite sound like anyone else... this is a good thing! Anyway, I don't want to steal their thunder so I'm only posting a couple images they've already used publicly. I hope that you will follow them and pick a CD or two. You honestly won't regret adding their sound to your collection.

The Way Down WanderersThese guys were troopers, They lugged out their instruments into a remote location just to grab this particular shot I wanted. The Way Down WanderersThe sun was beating down pretty hard and this spot was mainly an opportunity for the guys to cool off. Even though this photoshoot took place in IA, we happened to stumble across a tiny little cactus among these wooded sand dunes.

BTSThey were a lot of fun to hang out with and the best part was I received a private concert in the middle of nowhere Iowa. While I got everyone within the frame, that is about all that can be said for this selfie. I'm looking forward to see how they use their new photos.

(Black Olive Photographic) band black olive photographic bluegrass collin krause david price folk illinois independent iowa music peoria photography portrait the way down wanderers Wed, 20 Sep 2017 02:16:43 GMT
Published Client! It is always a great excitement to me when I hear of a commercial client receiving recognition for their hard work. In this case, Design Insights Inc. is well deserving of their praise! I a bit behind sharing this with you all, but good news is always welcome. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

>> 12 Featured ArchitectsDesign Insights Inc. was recognized for their stunning second story addition as seen in the upper right corner. As a photographer, it's always so much fun to see your work making others look great! However, I don't want to steal credit away from others, the photo in the bottom right (Modern Farmhouse) is the work of another photographer.

(Black Olive Photographic) addition architecture black olive photographic buildings chicago construction david price design illinois jereme smith modern peoria photographic photography real estate remodel Wed, 20 Sep 2017 02:05:17 GMT
Home Addition - Design Insights Inc More great architectural design by Jereme at Design Insights Inc.

(Black Olive Photographic) Architecture Chicago Commercial Design Home Photography Fri, 30 Sep 2016 23:15:00 GMT
Design Insights Inc

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EHS Solutions | They just keep getting bigger My first assignment with EHS was a series of small material handler products. Their product line has grown and with it, the size of each product. It's great to see a local business thrive and play a tiny part in its success. Keep an eye on EHS, they will be around for many years to come.

(Black Olive Photographic) Wed, 20 Apr 2016 06:45:00 GMT
Illinois Home Photography | Creating the clearest window possible Photographing the homes, and masterpieces, of designers and architects has quickly become a favorite of mine. Being able to be a window for others to see their incredible work in a tremendous responsibility. I consider my job complete when the viewers forget they're looking at photos and feel the are in the room itself. That is my goal when approaching any home.

Dan Waibel Designer/Builder | Will Waibel Dan Waibel Designer/Builder | Will Waibel Dan Waibel Designer/Builder | Will Waibel Design Insights Inc | Jereme Smith Design Insights Inc | Jereme Smith Hoerr Building Group | Don Hoerr Design Insights Inc | Jereme Smith Hoerr Building Group | Don Hoerr Dan Waibel Designer/Builder | Will Waibel

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Design Insights Inc | Chicago, IL Here's an absolutely elegant kitchen remodel by Jereme at Design Insights LLC. Enjoy!

(Black Olive Photographic) Architecture Chicago Design Insights LLC Homes Interiors Kitchen Remodel Real Estate Remodel Fri, 13 Nov 2015 02:39:49 GMT
Dan Waibel Design/Builder 2015

(Black Olive Photographic) Dan Waibel Designer Builder Exteriors Home Remodel Homes Illinois Interiors Peoria Real Estate Sat, 07 Nov 2015 00:46:16 GMT
Precision Planting - 2014 Brochure Last year I spent a lot of time in the dirt and grime capturing images for Precision Planting. They are a Peoria local that designs and produces after-market agriculture planter parts. The culmination of a lot of this work is this 2014 Brochure piece. There is nothing quite like seeing ones own work in print.

(Black Olive Photographic) Agriculture Commercial Assignment Editorial Farming Illinois Peoria Precision Planting Fri, 14 Mar 2014 04:47:58 GMT
Hoerr Building Group - Kitchen Remodel They've done it again. I was extremely happy with how these images turned out. Windows are great, but all that light can make life difficult when trying to balance with interior lighting. I think you'll enjoy these images as much as the ones before.

(Black Olive Photographic) Commercial Assignment Hoerr Building Group Home Remodel Illinois Interiors Kitchen Remodel Peoria Real Estate Fri, 28 Feb 2014 23:35:35 GMT
Nebraska Team Roping Last summer while touring the midwest for Precision Planting the crew drove past these Nebraska folks practicing their cattle roping technique. To them, this was not a sport, but their livelihood. They were preparing for a cattle drive. They graciously allowed us to grab some pix of them as this was definitely something not typical to Peoria, Illinois. Gotta love changing up the subject matter once in a while.

(Black Olive Photographic) Cattle Roping Editorial Photography Horses Nebraska Road Trip Sports Fri, 14 Feb 2014 16:08:18 GMT
Hoerr Building Group - Home Remodel There is nothing quite like walking through a recently built or remodeled home and photographing all the exquisite design elements throughout. Hoerr Building Group was my first builder client and I've absolutely loved his work. Located here in Central Illinois, he's got an eye for detail and all of his work is magnificent. But don't take my word for it, check out the images below of his most recent remodel job.

Hoerr Building Group

upstairs loungeUpstairs Lounge Grand StaircaseGrand Staircase

(Black Olive Photographic) Hoerr Building Group Home Remodel Illinois Interiors Peoria Real Estate Thu, 13 Feb 2014 14:50:41 GMT
New Client - EHS Solutions Late last year I had the opportunity to capture some product imagery for a company within a peculiar niche. EHS Solutions is a creator and manufacturer of industrial moving equipment designed specifically for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The primary "gotcha" to these products is their size. Getting them lit evenly and to my liking was a trick. The image below is a sample of the recent collection of images I've finished for them.

(Black Olive Photographic) Commercial Assignment EHS Solutions Peoria Product Photography Mon, 10 Feb 2014 20:28:47 GMT
Farm Progress Show 2013 Enjoyed my first Farm Progress experience. Having a client with a large booth with my work prominently on display was a big draw, but regardless, it was a great experience. Precision Planting has been a fantastic client for the past couple years. They've brought me on board for a number of creative projects and it was great to see all our work culminate together in their booth this year. Lot's of great stuff!

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Welcome Peoria, IL

This will be the new home of Black Olive Photographic. Looking forward to keeping you in the loop of all the great things happening in and out of studio. Welcome to the ride!

In Christ,
David Price
Photographer/Creative Director

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